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City tour in Porto - Old Jewish Quarters

Covers the former Jewish quarters in Porto


Duration:2 hours

Languages:English, Portuguese and Spanish

Porto holds an unique background and areas where the Jews have lived since the Dark Ages until the WW1. Despite not having no pogrom against the Jews due being a trading city, Porto had a few Jewish quarters with cultural and religious institutions especially for the "People of the Book" could live in a Catholic city. We will start from the Cathedral and stroll through the old alleys of Porto, learning from the past when see where the Jews were located and strived. Afterwards, it`s time to head to the most iconic quarter nearby the Photography Museum, enjoying a breathtaking view, and finish nearby the waterfront of the Douro River.


Bottle of water

What to bring

Comfortable shoes
During winter season, it`s recommendable to bring an umbrella and warm clothes

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