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3 Wine Houses & 10 Wines w/ Tapas

Wine and food tastings to open your appetite and curiosity!

Our experience will start at the Cathedral, where we`ll know the urban canopy from the Middle-Ages and proceed to our first wine house. Here, we`ll enjoy 3 glasses of table wine (red, white and green), paired with regional and Northern tapas (cheese, olives and sausages). Afterwards, it`s time to head down to the river, witnessing beautiful landscapes, and visit our second wine house - a Port Wine cellar. After knowing the secrets of how Port Wine is made and stored, 2 glasses of Port (Ruby and White) will be tasted at the end. The third and last wine house combines the first two, located nearby the waterfront of the Douro River and being one of the most know Portuguese brands. Inside, you`ll learn about exportation processes, marketing and the true ways of how to drink Port Wine. To finish with grandeur, in this last wine house you will taste 5 Ports (Ruby, Tawny, White, Lágrima and Muscat).


Local jam & jellies
Cured cheeses, sausages, olives and peanuts
3 table wines (Red, White and Green), 7 Port Wines (Tawny, Ruby, White, Lágrima and Muscat)

Duration:3 hours

Languages:English, Portuguese, Spanish and French

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