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Vila do Conde - A Seaside Town to Visit


How to get there

Not all who wander are lost! An old motto or proverb, often used in the current days we witness to satisfy ourselves with the tradition of travelling without a purpose or a goal.

Indeed, travelling broadens our horizons, expands our culture and makes us feel connected with the place we are visiting. Portugal isn’t much different from other destinations and ensures beautiful destinations to discover and fully enjoy it.

Just 30 minutes from Porto, going by car or by metro, Vila do Conde is waiting for you. Enjoy its breathtaking views from this small and fishing town, highly important during the Portuguese Age of the Discoveries. With unique gastronomy, interesting history and culture, amazing landscapes, Vila do Conde is considered an unforgettable experience, as well as an alternative to live away from the hustle and bustle of Porto.


Monuments & Landmarks

Starting with Vila do Conde’s traditional monuments and major landmarks, those who explore the old city centre, aside from the old fishermen’s wharf, you will find not only small local chapels but huge monasteries, bathed by the Ave River. One of this fine examples is the Monastery of Santa Clara – used to be a 14th-century nun religious building, which was extinct 600 years later – that combines Gothic and Baroque architecture, and presents a beautiful postcard and the town’s entrance.

Still, want to explore further and venture back in the past? As an option, Vila do Conde packs small Pre-Historic and Roman settlements that by trade and commerce helped the community to increase and prosper. A replica of an Aqueduct holds unique grandeur and view that was restored in the 18th century. This Aqueduct was awarded as the 4th most beautiful in the world, according to the Spanish version of National Geographic.

In the old town, at the waterfront, a replica of a 16th-century Portuguese ship is an allegory to the brave ones who departed to India, Africa, China and Brasil.



Being a fishing town, fish plays an important role and tradition in Vila do Conde. You can find a huge range of fish, such as monkfish, sole, sea bass, squid, sardines and seafood.

Apart from fish, the local cuisine is also extendable to meat, where the roasted veal is a delicacy, followed with rice, potatoes and vegetables. The pastry is not to be forgotten, especially the sweet bread (used in the 16th century in churches and monasteries to feed friars and nuns) and the Santa Clara small pastries.



Vila do Conde’s local beaches are fully watched and secure, where the Atlantic invites many water aficionados for summer activities.

Similar to Monterey, California, Vila do Conde encompasses several hiking trails, following the coastline. One of these is part of an important pilgrimage, called the Camino to Santiago de Compostela (Saint James), between March and September the road is full of pilgrims heading to this Spanish town. Remarkable locations off-the-beaten-path with plenty of cafes with ocean views that will make you feel at home and relaxed.



Despite the astonishing ocean panoramic views, just a couple of hours could be well spent by walking in the green magical places of Vila do Conde. Gardens, small parks and a bird-watching park in Mindelo, these hanging gardens are worthy to visit and explore.

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