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Top secluded beaches in the north of Portugal


Thinking about travelling to the Western coast of Europe after the COVID-19 pandemic ends? Will 2021 be a slow recovery for the tourism industry?

Then, Portugal is one of the safest and healthy tourism destinations in the Old Continent, where you can fully enjoy the architecture & culture of cities like Porto and Lisbon, or just venture yourself into the beautiful seaside areas and unforgettable beaches that the country has to offer.

Awarded due to its anti-COVID-19 procedures and measurements, the locals are preparing the next year, hoping to be a better one than the current we’re witnessing. Still, Portugal is already on the move by developing several measures to ensure safe & clean protocols against the Coronavirus, opening new hotels, restaurants and, at the same time, guarantee unique experiences.

Start organizing your luggage, book your flights and your accommodation, summer is about to happen in a matter of months; Portugal is waiting for you to unfold. In this list, we’re only including secluded beaches located on the north; we’re talking about non-touristy, friendly, and amazing seaside areas where usually the Portuguese go, and sometimes almost forgotten by the locals.


Known as a cold and windy beach, this beach located in Póvoa de Varzim is often frequented by surfers from Portugal and Spain who wish to face rough waves and challenging waters.

Nevertheless, it’s possible not only to bathe in this safe beach, but also to walk alongside the trail heading to Santiago de Compostela (Saint James), and enjoy the lovely landscape between the fishermen city of Póvoa de Varzim on the right and the Atlantic on the left side.

The name Aguçadoura is related to the parish that belongs to this city, this secluded beach holds the first beach wave park built in 2008. The concept presents a friendly-environmental park and provides natural energy to the locals of Póvoa de Varzim.



Part of several groups of northern coastline beaches, Angeiras, despite being considered a secluded beach, is also frequented by locals who seek the delicacies of the ocean, with the panoramic vista oceanic views from local fish restaurants.

Angeiras encompasses a huge sandy terrain, an almost never-ending sidewalk and small pubs to enjoy a cold drink after that hot day on the beach.

If you’re feeling more adventurous and want to cover a little bit of what the countryside has to offer but still enjoy local views, there’s a camping park with campervans to rent with many paths that will lead to this beach. Make sure you visit this beach in-between the months of April and May, in order not to experience the summer temperatures, but mild weather.



Green grass on one side, Atlantic water on the other, just one hour from Porto, you can visit and enjoy the Barrelas beach. Located in the municipal town of Esposende, the same pathway found on the previous beaches is followed by the Esposende town and its oceanic seaside shores.

Considered on the top-rated attractions, but also a local experience, this beach is sought by photography lovers who wish to capture that unforgettable moment and post it on their social media.



 The apex of the north of Portugal, located in Vila do Conde, the twin sister of Póvoa de Varzim, lies the Árvore (Tree) beach.

Surrounded by dunes, which makes the access to this beach quite difficult sometimes, but provides as well some privacy, there’s a camping park that becomes a little bit crowded in the summer. However, since the accesses to Árvore beach and not being an often frequented beach, it’s becoming a secluded experience for both locals and tourists who are in Porto or Braga.

Thus, the Árvore parish belongs to a seaside trail, including other parishes such as Azurara and Mindelo. Used to be a fishermen path where the canned industries and fishing played very important roles in the past, you can also sleep a couple of nights in Vila do Conde or Póvoa de Varzim to visit both downtowns and immerse yourself in the architecture from the Dark Ages to the 19th century.

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