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Aljezur - a nomadic seaside town to visit in 2023


Aljezur, part of the pristine Vicentine Coast (Costa Vicentina), is a must-go after two years of a pandemic due to its top-notch seaside areas, gastronomy, natural landscapes, and, undoubtedly, wine collection.

During pre-historic times, this unique landscape had settlers who explored and lived from the ocean’s resources, turning later on into farmers and settlers, instead of wandering to procure more land and better resources. Nowadays, digital nomads are seeking Aljezur, as well as other seaside towns of the Vicentine Coast, to work remotely and enjoy a while their time spend in Portugal.

Aljezur centuries ago

Photography taken from: www.cm-aljezur.pt

COVID-19 reshaped and remade working habits. More and more, travelers are looking to Portugal not only as a short-time visit destination but also as a place to live temporarily. Usually IT workers, and digital marketing agents, only require a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection to work.

Not only are the breathtaking seaside views a must to visit, while living remotely in Aljezur. The town had a huge Arabic influence during the Middle Ages, and during the Golden Age of the Portuguese Discoveries (15th century), Aljezur was in the eyes of traders and merchants. Two centuries later, a few military fortresses were built to protect the town from corsairs and pirates, and Lisbon’s earthquake in 1755 also dealt a huge blow in Aljezur, forcing a new urban plan and reform.


Aljezur beach

With an ocean extension of more than 40 kilometers, Aljezur holds weather like California, encompassing the waves from the Mediterranean, where temperatures can go from 6º C in the winter up to 30º C in summer. Local surfers can be seen alongside with tourists enjoying these natural waves or sometimes hiking the pedestrian and trekking paths used to belong to fishermen many centuries ago.

Being a seaside town, fish is the mandatory gastronomy. From bream to sea bass, grilled fish plays an important role in Aljezur’s grilled cuisine. Nevertheless, the seafood stew (Marisco) is also imperative to try while living in Portugal. For those who have a sweet tooth, the traditional sweet potato pie and sweet potato pastries will indulge your mouth.

If you’re looking for accommodation, Aljezur has plenty of Airbnb’s with a variety of rates and pricing. You can select an ocean view room or go a bit more inland, to the rural area, to enjoy the nature side of Alejzur.

Aljezur beach 2023

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